Canals of New Mars: All You Need Is Love

Once entered the water of the pool, they frolicked around for a while.

Eve was squealing, hissing and clicking excitedly, astride JS’s back. He swam around as a novel human dolphin to pleasure her.

When they stopped, Eve wrapped herself around his waist, and wound her arms around his neck.

“Better?” smiled JS. Eve nodded. “If you wanted to recruit me, why you didn’t make me a proposal?”

“Before speaking of the starship”, JS looked at her quizzically, but she was staring at his shoulder, “I wanted to understand what sort of guy you where, whether I could trust you, but then… “ Eve jerked her head up and looked at him defiantly, “then I fell in love with you!”

They didn’t speak, and for a long moment they gazed into each other’s eyes. Their hearts slammed inside their chests, their pulses racing madly, then they kissed, lips hot and hungry, tongues tangling in a primal dance of desire. His hands went on her hips, and he pulled her more tightly against him, as though he could meld their bodies together. Eve pressed up into him, delighting the hard feel of his body against her softness. She lifted her hands to his head, letting the thick hair slip through her fingers as the sensations swirled and built within her. He murmured her name, his voice husky with desire.

JS’s hands curved beneath her buttocks. His fingers dug into her soft flesh cupping her and lifting her up and into him. He reached out, and bent his head and drew a nipple into his mouth, stroking it with his tongue, teasing the tight bud. Eve couldn’t hold back a hiss. His hand was on her thigh traveling upward, stroking there, squeezing there, sliding in between…

Like a blow she remembered the Old Queen. “No!” Eve cried. JS moved back an inch, his eyes intent, “NO, please! Don’t hurt me!”

“I’d never hurt you” he told her soothingly. He lifted her, went out of the pool, and carried her on a pile of towels that lay on the floor.

He lay down beside her, then leaned to trace warm butterfly kisses on her neck.

Eve felt that red-hot rod of his prodding at her throbbing core. He kissed her again teasing her mouth open. She pressed closer, she wanted his intoxicating kisses. Their mouths were still joined, but his lips were playing with hers, while his fingers started their bold exploration again, stoked and swirled and she melted and hissed. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. Indeed, all she wanted in this world was him. But the creepy feeling went back and her eyes were full with unshed tears …. “What is it? Do I hurt you?” JS asked with worried tenderness, caressing her hair off her face.

Eve shook her head and swallowed.

“Tell me what’s wrong” he insisted, kissing her lightly.

Eve murmured: “It isn’t your fault.” He kissed away her tears and she realized he loved her. “I’m afraid that … AFTER you won’t love me any longer!” She read the question in his eyes: “I was 10 when the old queen deflowered me with her hands. She said it was better to eliminate any obstacle from my duties as the next queen”.

“That old hag!” JS swore. He hugged her. “I love you”, he said. “You already know it, but I want to tell you it in words. Nothing will happen, if you don’t want it”.

The ghosts evaporated. Eve grabbed his shoulders and cried: “No. I want to!” .

He drew her to him, slowing moving his hands over her body, again and again caressing and teasing, arousing her desire even more than she had thought possible. Then he moved between her legs. He lifted her and gently sank on her. Answering she grabbed his buttocks, and pulled him hard against her.

They rode the storm of their passion for a long hot time, a time of clutching and kissing and pounding.

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